employment testing for restaurants

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How It Works

The modern menu test saves you time. And it’s easier on the staff. Upload your existing menu test, or build a new one. As secure as paper, without all the hassle and manual review. Instantly scores the answers and sends the results to both of you. Let staff practice on their own in Learning Mode. Scoring Mode for when you want to validate what they learned.

Test Onsite

MenuTest security features prevent cheating on any device. But if staff are not supervised, they could look up answers on another device. Have them take the test at your location, on their phone, or a company computer.

Set the Timer
Set a time-limit when you are adding a new test. The test starts from the moment you send it, so wait until staff are at your location and ready to start. The staff will see the timer on their test. Once the time has expired, they’ll be locked out.
Review with the Staff
Both you and the staff will see results instantly, so they get the feedback they need. If you only create multiple choice and true/false questions, the test will be scored instantly. Short-answer has to be looked over.

Test Builder

$29/mo 14-day Trial

  • Unlimited testing
  • Unlimited users
  • As secure as paper
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Simulation Trainer


  • Simulates taking orders on a POS
  • Validate speed and accuracy
  • Includes Test Builder
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Custom Simulation Trainer


  • Your own POS system
  • Your own customer orders
  • Includes Test Builder
  • More Info…
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